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Eve Online Mining - Astral Fleet

The Refinery’s moon drill grinds to a halt after pulling the extracted moon chunk the remaining distance to the station. With extraction complete, Astral’s mining foreman gives the signal and the detonation is initiated. Before long, the once-massive portion of moon is transformed into a faux-asteroid belt – ripe for the picking. Astral’s mining fleet springs into action, and a full contingent of barges warps amidst the field of ore. Mining barge drone bays slide open as strip miners begin breaking down the scattered ore. At the epicenter of the fleet sits the mighty Orca, compressing the moon ore to allow cargoholds to carry greater yield. Veteran miners swiftly draft up contracts with Astral’s Buyback Administrator to swiftly convert the moon ore into cold, hard isk. For hours the mining communications channel is full of chatter as familiar faces engage in their favorite activity – getting rich.

Mining is the backbone of any activity in Eve Online. All other activities require ships, modules, and resources – which are all manufactured using raw resources extracted by intrepid mining captains. We employ cutting-edge mining doctrines and procedures to ensure we reach maximum efficiency with every moon ore extraction. On top of that, we provide mining boosts and ore compressions with our mining fleets to maximize each pilot’s mining capabilities. Additionally, we have anchored refineries to improve ore reprocessing’s mineral yield – squeezing out every possible additional isk for our miners. Wise miners utilize Astral’s buyback program, completely eliminating hauling (and loss due to piracy) from the process and allowing a quick turnaround from ore extraction to profit.

Community is the lifeblood of any successful mining operation, and we are lucky to have a steady core of regulars at each of our scheduled fleets. The camaraderie of our mining division is only rivaled by their mining expertise.

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