Faction Warfare

Faction Warfare in Eve Online

Faction Warfare Eve Online - CCP tweet

You enter the system but don’t move to maintain your cloak. With a practiced hand you quickly check your scanners for hostiles. Picking up multiple enemy ships, you pinpoint their location attacking a friendly complex before your cloak has expired. Your warp drive fires, bringing you to the outside of the acceleration gate leading to the complex. You take the gate only to see the enemy ships warping out to the nearest planet, but one wasn’t so diligent with his scans and didn’t see your approach. Your microwarpdrive ignites and you quickly close distance as the hostile pilot frantically tries to escape. Just before the enemy’s warp drive activates, you engage your warp disruptor – he’s trapped.

On the other side of the system, the stargate flashes. Again. Then multiple times in quick succession. Your fleet has arrived. The enemy pilot turns his attention on you, knowing that your destruction is his only hope of escape. As he approaches, you change course to remain out of his weapon range while keeping his ship in range of your warp disruptor. Keeping him engaged long enough for your allies to begin entering the complex, the enemy’s fate has been sealed.

Astral Acquisitions Inc. has near access to some of the most fiercely-contested faction warfare systems in Eve Online. Our members are only a few system jumps from engaging in around-the-clock PvP combat, with many of our pilots quickly making a name for themselves. Additionally, our nearby systems are a hotbed for Pirate Insurgancy FOB spawns introduced with the Havoc expansion – adding even more potential for faction war engagements.

Astral fleet commanders organized and spearheaded the defense responses to these pirate insurgencies – in fact, Astral Acquisitions Inc. proudly claims recognition for driving the first system reaching Suppression V in Eve Online’s history. Join an elite cadre of pilots that have already inscribed Astral’s name in the annals of New Eden’s history.

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