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Eve Online Exploration - Scanning

Upon entering the wormhole, your scanners pick up a station owned by a rival corporation – but no ships. Moving quickly, you warp to an abandoned datasite scanned and bookmarked by an Astral member previously hunting for gas clouds. You immediately begin hacking the secured container, keeping one eye on your scanners in case the wormhole’s residents interrupt your heist. You quickly clear the datasite and head to another within the same wormhole; the time your corpmate has saved you makes the risky operation that much safer. Suddenly, your scanners pick up combat probes zeroing-in on your location. Pushing your luck, you rapidly complete another hack and align towards the exit home. A hostile ship uncloaks beside you just as your warp drive ignites, carrying you home with ship intact and cargohold full of spoils.

Astral maintains of a shared bookmark folder of our regular hunting grounds, greatly cutting down on the time required to discover valuable hacking sites and gas clouds. When a gas cloud is reported, it is not long before a fleet is formed (usually with an elite Astral member providing overwatch security). We understand that exploration in Eve Online is a high-risk, high-reward task; we can help minimize that risk to maximize your rewards.

Below are links and resources frequently used by our explorers, as well as a video series provided by one of our veteran exploration pilots. We can’t completely eliminate risk in Eve Online, but we ensure that our members are well-equipped with knowledge and training – ready to overcome any challenge.

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